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Professional set of Make-up Brushes


Brushes are essential tools when it comes to natural looking makeup application.The shape of each brush is specific to its function and so is the material it is made from. We use only the highest quality synthetic and natural hairs resulting in precise effects and a luxurious feel. These brushes are of exceptional quality and will last a long time if looked after correctly (remember to clean and condition them once a month - using the same shampoo and conditioner as you do, and allow them to dry naturally).This set of 9 professional brushes and a powder puff is presented in a soft faux leather brush roll and wrapped in an attractive black draw-string bag. Samantha Donald, Editor and Owner of says: "There's something about a set of brushes that puts a girl in a good mood. You can have all the amazing makeup in the world, but if your tools aren't up to much, then there is only so much you can do with even the best quality makeup. Beauty-Boxes have stepped up to the plate and created a set of brushes that are ready for both the novice makeup wearer and the experienced makeup artist. With everything you need from base to finish, and eyes to cheeks, you can guarantee that a set of soft, yet luxurious brushes will make those makeup products work for you."From left to right: powder puff: synthetic and natural materials, Large powder brush: black goat hair and white nylon, blusher brush: goat hair, foundation brush: 3 tones of nylon, eye shadow brush: sable, blending brush: goat hair, crease brush: goat hair, small eye shadow brush: pony hair and nylon, angled brush: nylon, lip liner: nylon We are the preferred suppliers of Beauty-Boxes and Trolleys to exclusive colleges who train future beauticians and stylists. We are so confident of the design, materials and our rigorous quality control that for all our products we offer a year's warranty against any defective materials or workmanship.